Leo Hurley

Composer, Arranger, Editor and Orchestrator


Hurley has gained recognition with commissions and performances spanning the United States, Italy, and Serbia. Leo has had the pleasure of writing for Maya Angelou's 80th Birthday Celebration, Europa Cantat XVIII, Grammy Award winner Pharoah Sanders, Winston-Salem Symphony, Beyond Words Dance Company and Sonnet Repertory Theater Company with performances Off-Broadway, The Lincoln Center Institute (NY, NY), Alonzo King's LINES Ballet most notably in the performance at the La Biennale Festival in Venice, Italy, as well as several film productions.

This year, Mr. Hurley’s music for film has been nationally and internationally recognized. Molly Under the Moon, a film ballet, was recently shown at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools and ZomRomCom: The Musical won Best Original Score at the College Television Awards.

In 2011 Mr. Hurley was chosen by the Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino to be showcased on their New Year's Eve Concert and won the North Carolina Symphony String Quartet Competition with his String Quartet No. 1.

In 2010, he achieved the title of “Iron Composer” at the Cortona Session’s first annual Iron Composer Competition as well as winning the W-S Symphony Composition Competition for the second time having his work Mirror Mirror Overture premiered.

In 2009, he was awarded the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer's Award for Zydeco, a saxophone quartet.

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Email : leo.hurley@gmail.com

My mission as a composer and collaborator is to support as best I can an environment where all parties involved enjoy an enriching and fulfilling experience while creating new and satisfying art. I am a storyteller who ultimately wants to instill a message of hope through the use of music, words, theater, film and dance as well as other mediums yet to be explored. Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.

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